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Welcome to Ashmayu Yoga, where tradition meets innovation under the guidance of our founder, Naveen Sharma. At Ashmayu Yoga, we cherish the ancient wisdom of yoga, infusing it with contemporary teaching methods to make your practice both engaging and accessible. Whether you're on a journey to deepen your personal practice or aspire to empower others as a yoga teacher, we offer tailored solutions to meet your goals. Inspired by the meaning behind our name, "ashma" for rock and "ayu" for life, we are committed to helping you build a strong, resilient foundation for your life through the transformative power of yoga. Join us, and embark on a path of wellness, strength, and enlightenment.

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Empowering Your Journey Towards Balance and Harmony with Expertly Guided Yoga Practices.

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Yoga70 is an online yoga format blending practices such as sukshma & sthula vyayama, surya namaskar, asanas, kriya and pranayama, emphasizing posture correction. Each 70-minute session offers a balanced exercise and relaxation, and is tailored to suit all skill levels with adaptable options.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200-hour course is meticulously crafted to align with the standards set by the Yoga Certification Board and Yoga Alliance US. Upon completion, participants not only receive the our 200-Hour Teacher Certificate but are also prepared to undertake the Yoga Protocol Exam by the YCB.

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Explore our Workshops, focused sessions on yoga and Ayurveda topics designed to deepen your practice and knowledge. These concise yet comprehensive workshops cover specific themes, offering insights and techniques for a holistic approach to wellness and self-care.

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