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13 Simple ways to get Better Sleep

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties the health and our body together”

– Thomas Decker

No doubt a good sleep leads to a better life. Here, good sleep means the quality of sleep not only the quantity.

Different researches have shown that people from different age group require different hours of sleep.

Do you think if you sleep approx 8-9 hours, you will feel relaxed and energetic for sure?

The fact is NO! Of course, you require that much sleep, but the quality does matter. If you don’t get peaceful/proper sleep, it’s of no importance whether you sleep for 3 hrs. or 8.

A good sleep energizes our body and refreshes our mind. It makes us ready to work and concentrate.

When we all know the importance of sleep, why can’t we sleep?

There are various reasons – almost 25% of people in the world are suffering from some or the other sleeping disorder due to –

  • Stress

  • Overexertion

  • Improper schedule

  • Some addiction

  • Late night parties/ duties

  • Physical /mental ailment

  • Sleeping with pets

  • Sleeping empty stomach

  • Too much use of mobile

All of it leads to –– More stress – Insomnia – Disturbed sleep – Body ache – Physical /mental ailment

It’s high time; we need to find a solution. When your mobile has some problem with getting charged, what do you do? Obviously, you get the battery/ charger /mobile checked if it has got some problem. In the same manner, when your body and mind are unable to get charged up for quality sleep, you should check whether it has got some problem.

1. Take a hot bath

A hot bath before going to bed in the night is a great way to prepare yourself for good night sleep. It releases all the tensions that the body might have accumulated in the muscles throughout the day and relaxes the body completely.

2. Take warm milk

According to Ayurveda, taking warm milk before getting into bed at night is highly recommended for good night sleep.

Note: Never take tea/ coffee or alcohol.

3. Switch off the lights

Make sure you switch off all the lights before you go to bed at night. Lights can create a lot of tension in your eyes and make it difficult for you to get a sound sleep. If you can’t switch off lights and are habitual of keeping them on then use only the dim light so that it does not affect your eyes and let you get a good night sleep.

4. Keep it quiet

Generally, If you have any noise or sound disturbance around you. it will not let you sleep properly. Make sure you don’t have any noise around you while sleeping so that you can sleep well and get recharged for the next day.

5. Keep all the gadgets out of the room

Keeping electronic devices near you while sleeping is extremely harmful to the body. Especially our dearest Mobile Phone; The kind of radiations, it emits is really dangerous and can lead to nightmares, lack of sleep, and waking up multiple times at night, etc. So keep all the gadgets out of your room before you go to bed at night.

6. Let go of your thoughts

I am sure you will get surprised by this but it is true. We all get 50,000-60,000 thoughts every day. It is impossible to get a sound sleep if you hold on to your thoughts and keep increasing their intensity in your mind. One more fact is this that we can’t control the flow of our thoughts but what we can control is our behaviour. So choose to let go of your thoughts rather than thinking more about them and allowing them to rule your body and ming.

7. Practice Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a tested and proven technique to improve the quality of your sleep. It also helps you to decrease the time of your sleep and give you more time in a day.

Don’t worry if you don’t have clue about What this Yoga Nidra is.

What you need to do in to buy a guided Yoga Nidra in the form of DVDs, music from I tunes or download a mobile application to listen to it. Listening to a guided Yoga Nidra every day can bring a positive shift in your sleep pattern.

8. Keep yourself calm

Remember it’s time to sleep. So, don’t think about your work or anything else. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, focus on each part of the body and let them all get relaxed completely.

9. Don’t sleep during the day

Sleeping during the day can keep you awake late in the night, make it difficult for you to sleep on time at night and also add extra weight to your body. Avoid sleeping in the daytime so that you can sleep well at night.

10. Practice Yoga

Practising Yoga does not only benefit you from improving core strength, flexibility, and reduced stress levels but also helps you improve the quality of your sleep especially if you are suffering from insomnia, or too many breaks while sleeping.

11. Practice Meditation

There are several meditations and choosing one for you itself might cause you stress. let me make your life simple by giving you the simplest form of meditation i.e. Breathing Meditation

In breathing meditation, you just need to focus on your breathing and as you go deeper with this meditation, it will help you bring your mind to the present without drifting into concerns about the past or future and will surely help you get a good night sleep.

12. Don’t sleep hungry

Neither should you eat heavy food before going to bed nor you should keep yourself hungry. Make sure you eat your dinner 3 hours prior to your sleep. This way, you will be able to digest your food before sleeping and your digestive system won’t have to work after you sleep as a result you will get sound sleep.

13. Don’t sleep with pets

They have a different sleeping cycle, which will surely disturb yours. So no pet in the bed at night.

You have 13 tips mentioned above to improve the quality of your sleep. If not all, I would like to request you to follow some of them so them you can sleep in the night and do well during the day.

Believe in the quality of sleep instead of quantity. Sleeping for more hours never assures complete relaxation.

How you sleep is more important than how much you sleep. Don’t neglect the sleeping disorder, if you have any!

Take Care! Sleep Well!!!

If you have any question, Please type in the comment box and

I would be more than happy to help you out!

Share this Blog with your friends and family and help them improve their sleep!

Each one, Teach one!!!

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