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About Us

Welcome to Ashmayu Yoga, a sanctuary where ancient tradition and modern innovation blend seamlessly under the visionary leadership of our founder, Naveen Sharma. Here at Ashmayu Yoga, we honor the timeless wisdom of yoga, enhancing it with contemporary teaching techniques to make your yoga journey engaging, accessible, and transformative. Whether you're seeking to deepen your personal practice or aspiring to inspire others as a yoga teacher, we are dedicated to offering tailored solutions that align with your aspirations.

Our name, Ashmayu Yoga, symbolizes the strength and essence of life itself, with "ashma" meaning rock and "ayu" meaning life. This concept is at the heart of everything we do, as we aim to help you build a strong, resilient foundation through the transformative power of yoga. Our offerings range from live interactive classes and personalized sessions to workshops, retreats, and teacher training courses, each designed to guide you toward wellness, strength, and enlightenment.

Embark on this journey with us at Ashmayu Yoga, and explore the depths of yoga and Ayurveda. Discover the balance, harmony, and inner peace that come from living a yogic lifestyle, and join a community committed to growth, learning, and the pursuit of wellness.

About the Founder

Naveen Sharma, a former corporate professional turned Yoga Coach, is the founder of Ashmayu Yoga. His mission, "To guide a million individuals in integrating yoga as an essential part of their daily lives," reflects his deep commitment to making yoga accessible and vital for everyone. Naveen specializes in a broad range of yoga styles, including Hatha, Power, Vinyasa, Wheel, Aerial, and Restorative Yoga, along with Laughter Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation. In 2015, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding Ashmayu Yoga, which became a prestigious institute flourishing until September 2020, enriching the lives of thousands and mentoring over 100 aspiring yoga teachers.

After the pandemic led to the temporary closure of Ashmayu Yoga, Naveen joined Cultfit as the Yoga Lead from December 2020 to January 2024. There, he developed the "Evolve Yoga" format, created class plans, trained trainers, and recorded numerous yoga programs for the Cult app. His leadership in teacher training courses has helped over 300 yoga enthusiasts become certified teachers.

With more than nine years of teaching experience, Naveen has connected with diverse audiences, sharing his wisdom and insights. His offerings have expanded to include live interactive group classes, personalized sessions, workshops, retreats, and corporate sessions, now again under the banner of Ashmayu Yoga as he restarts the institute with renewed vision and energy.

Naveen's digital presence extends his reach globally, with his YouTube channel, "Yoga with Naveen," now connecting with over 24,000 subscribers, and his Instagram account, "itsnaveen.sharma," inspiring more than 16,000 followers. His commitment to sharing the benefits of yoga is also reflected in his features in notable publications and a high rating on Trust Pilot. Naveen continues to inspire and guide individuals on their yoga journey, embodying the transformative power of yoga in leading an active and enlightened lifestyle.

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