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Gentle Yoga

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What is Gentle Yoga?

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Gentle Yoga is a compassionate form of yoga designed to accommodate seniors and those looking for a milder approach to their wellness routine. Our 50-minute live, interactive online sessions provide a blend of mat and chair-based practices, allowing participants to choose the method that best suits their comfort and needs. This flexibility in practice helps enhance mobility, strength, and balance through gentle, supportive movements. Each session incorporates breathing exercises and meditation techniques, aimed at promoting a serene mind and a revitalized body. Whether you prefer the support of a chair or the freedom of a mat, our skilled instructors will guide you through each pose with live feedback and personalized modifications, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and effective experience from your home.

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Why Gentle Yoga?


Enjoy real-time interactions with expert teachers, ensuring customised guidance and immediate feedback to enhance your yoga experience.


Embrace a holistic approach that integrates physical postures with mental and emotional relaxation techniques to boost overall wellbeing.


Receive expert instruction on practicing yoga poses efficiently and correctly to ensure better alignment and reduce the risk of injury, enhancing your practice’s safety and effectiveness.


Tailor your session to your comfort and mobility by choosing either a mat or chair. This adaptability makes our classes accessible and comfortable for everyone.

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Discover the grace of aging beautifully with Gentle Yoga

where every stretch brings you closer to serenity.

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Meet your Teachers

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Gentle Yoga Schedule

Monday to Friday

07:00  am (IST)

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What Our Students Say

Who Should Join Gentle Yoga?

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Seniors Seeking a Gentle Routine 
Perfect for older adults who manage daily activities with ease and are looking to enhance their physical, emotional, and mental health. Our classes provide a safe, supportive environment with options for chair-based or mat practices, tailored to be gentle and effective for elevating overall well-being.

Beginners easing into yoga 

Perfect for anyone new to yoga who wants a gentle introduction, minimizing strain while learning fundamental poses.

People with stiffness 

Suitable for people who are generally healthy but suffer from stiffness in muscles and joints due to limited movement.

Mindfulness seekers 

Anyone interested in a slow-paced, thoughtful approach to physical activity, looking to cultivate mindfulness and reduce stress.

Note: This class is not intended for those with recent surgeries, injuries, or severe pain. 

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Experience the gentle power of movement and breath with Gentle Yoga

designed to enhance your golden years with grace and ease.

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Select Your Path to Wellness

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Get in Touch

Have questions about Gente? Reach out to us via phone, WhatsApp, email, or our contact form, and we'll assist you promptly.

+91 9686002222

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