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Yoga Teacher Training with Ashmayu Yoga – Kamini shares her Experiences


Ashmayu Yoga is gaining popularity for its Yoga Teacher Training Course. And We feel that one of the reasons for it is the plethora of experience our teachers provide collectively. It is not just the knowledge but also how they make the students feel in their class. Here is Ashmayu Graduate Kamini sharing her Teacher Training experiences, and we are equally excited about the possibilities future holds for her.

Ashmayu Yoga: Short Introduction about you and what drove you to become a Certified Yoga Teacher?

I also used to go for Yoga Classes twice every week. Slowly with time, I realized how much I enjoyed that one hour. My flexibility improved, and it had many physical and mental benefits overall. I enjoyed yoga more than any other form of exercise I had tried by that time. It was a way for me to achieve incomparable peace and calm and it continues to be so.

Then I thought why not explore more and get into it. 2 years back I decided to do the certification and this year I finally did it. I will always cherish making that decision because it is changing my life for better.

Ashmayu Yoga: What made you choose Ashmayu Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Kamini: I got to know about Ashmayu from my Yoga Teacher Aparna. I learnt yoga from her and she is my Guru. I visited the Ashmayu Yoga Institute; the positive vibes it gives leaves you with no other option but to just be there. So, I decided to join the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course. The course had everything I was looking for and the best of the teachers. Along with the Course they also offered us three months membership which helped many of us work with our body and mind.

Ashmayu Yoga: What are the things you loved the most about the course and your journey with us?

Kamini: I certainly loved the interaction with teachers and of course their well-planned classes. The journey was memorable and I believe it has just started. I am very excited about the amazing things yoga journey holds for me in future.

Ashmayu Yoga: How was your overall all experience with Ashmayu Yoga Institute?

Kamini: I am happy to be a part of Ashmayu Yoga Institute. Naveen and team have always been there for any kind of support. I made some amazing friends and now Ashmayu has become a family to me.

Ashmayu Yoga: Would you recommend Ashmayu Yoga TTC to someone?

Kamini: Ashmayu would be my first preference to anyone who would like to do their teachers training course. They are the “BEST”. They provide quality and that is what matters.

It is a huge source of satisfaction for us to be able to facilitate the journey of someone’s physical and mental transformation and we hope the students graduating from our Teacher Training Program will be part of many such journeys of their own students.



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