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Yoga Teacher Training Course – Deepriya Shares Here Experiences


It is said that no matter where you go, your roots always call you back when you are in need, whether you know it at the time or not. Deepriya had a plan for her life, but her destiny pulled her back to her roots in India where she was introduced to the true meaning of Yoga and the journey which made her fall in love with it enough to choose it as a path for her future. Here is Ashmayu Graduate Deepriya sharing her Teacher Training experiences

Ashmayu Yoga: What motivated you to get into Yoga?

Deepriya: I was born and raised in Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, and when the time came, I chose to go abroad for my tertiary studies. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Australia, I chose India for my Masters in Clinical Psychology. Being of Indian descent, I believed the land of my ancestors had many things to teach me, and one amongst those things happened to be yoga. I’d always had an interest in yoga, though I was unsure of what ‘yoga’ actually meant. I tried a few yoga classes when I was a teenager, but none of them felt natural to me and I quickly discontinued them. Initially, when I moved to Bangalore, I had no interest in pursuing a yoga course, but as fate did it beautifully, I am leaving Bangalore having found my calling as a yoga teacher, integrating it with what I have learned over 5 years of studying human behaviour.

Ashmayu Yoga: What made you choose Ashmayu yoga institute?

Deepriya: I had developed many health problems shortly after moving to India. I suffered acute gastrointestinal issues for weeks, and when it felt things were finally getting better, calamity struck again. This time, I had developed what is known as ‘reactive arthritis’ – a form of arthritis which spontaneously develops following an intense health episode (such as high fever, or in my case the severe gastro). Overnight, all my joints were inflamed, and I was unable to stand up, hold a pen or even breathe freely. Reactive arthritis is quite rare and has symptoms which can last over a couple of years. Why it develops in certain people only, the cause is still unknown.

Even though I was able to recover with the help of medication, it was not a full recovery and I found myself needing medication to keep the pain at bay. Now, this is something which went against my beliefs as a human being (and as a psychologist who strongly militates against the use of psychopharmaceutic treatment as a holistic and viable healing technique), so I chose to opt for a path of natural healing rather than a chemical one. This is when I started feeling yoga calling to me.

Around that same time, Ashmayu Yoga opened close to where I was living. I fell in love with the studio right away. It had what previous places I had visited lacked – namely hygiene, very good ventilation, an inspiring setting, silence and peace. I quickly found out that the teachers were what I call true teachers – ­the ones who actively share knowledge and guidance, where you walk out of the class a calmer and better human being than the one who walked in.

Ashmayu Yoga: What are the things you loved about the Ashmayu Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Deepriya: The course was rich in many ways. The teachers were experts in the fields they talked about and were always ready to engage in mind-opening discussions about the facets of yoga. The classes were well organized, and we were given adequate theoretical and practical guidance. Another gem takeout is the many friends I have made – we started out as classmates and ended up as a spiritual family, connected by the bond which is our shared love and sincerity towards living this incarnation in a yogic way.

What I loved the most about the course was that it helped me to finally understand what yoga is, and I believe that in a world like ours – where people are being tricked into thinking that yoga equals to the physical aspect only – that is immensely crucial. Ashmayu Yoga is among the rare ones that are actively making the effort to shift this limited perspective; they are teaching the essence of yoga, its higher meaning as reflecting Union, Peace, Well-Being in the physical, emotional, intellectual, mental, spiritual and all other spheres of our Being (as opposed to those encouraging the erroneous yoga=asanas view).

Ashmayu Yoga: What was your overall experience with Ashmayu?

Deepriya: It was an enriching and positive experience for me. The staff and the whole team were efficient, open and inviting. I learned so much that it could never possibly be put into words. Most of all, I was taught to believe in myself and my potential to change, grow, evolve. I believe each of us feels the call to change our lives for the better, but making this change requires taking a leap of faith because change can be daunting. For me Ashmayu acted as a catalyst, helping me take the leap.

Ashmayu Yoga: Would you recommend Ashmayu yoga TTC to anyone?

Deepriya: I would recommend it to anyone who is sincere in their quest in the path of yoga. For those ready to understand that yoga is both the practice and the goal, you will definitely find help and guidance in the Ashmayu family to go forward in your path as a yogi.

Yoga as a practice has not only physical but mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well. Finding the life’s purpose or calling is a huge transformation. Here, at Ashmayu Yoga, we believe that the students come to us only when they are ready for a holistic transformation and Deepriya’s story is one of many such witnessed by us.



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