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If you work, You must try Anti gravity Fitness!


Combating everyday work stress is not easy, especially with long working hours and deadlines. Irrespective of whether you are an employee or employer, job stressors, and unexpected crisis stressors often leave you mentally and physically exhausted. And knowing that a short session on meditation and deep breathing may help you reverse the negative effects of working long hours may not always motivate you to attend a Yoga class.

So how can you motivate yourself when you are not in a mood to work out?

Work smarter not harder! Use gravity to nourish your brain with more oxygen and blood and revitalize your body and mind. Try AntiGravity Fitness to get out of the slump and feel mentally invigorated!

Come hang upside down on our antigravity Harrison hammocks without compressing your joints and spine and reap all benefits of traditional Yoga. Anti-Gravity Fitness is especially beneficial for corporates as it is a natural caffeine-free way to get your adrenaline going and release happy hormones which boost your mood and energy. Flow in and out of balancing postures and inversions easily and give your body a total body workout.

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It is a great way to tone the body and build stamina and also nourish the internal organs the same time. Get into deep stretches that help regulate your circulatory, respiratory and digestive system. Increased blood flow helps nourish the skin and relax your mind. It decompresses your spine and helps improve flexibility by easing tension in the spinal cord and hip joint.

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It gives you the freedom to move freely, overcome your fears and also encourages you to add a little creativity in your movements. The session helps build up the much-needed excitement and at the same time helps you move into a meditative state and helps you rebuild your emotional system. The best part is everyone can practice AntiGravity Fitness, irrespective of their weight, shape, and experience in Yoga. The AntiGravity Fitness sessions will leave you wanting more!



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