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How To Learn Yoga and Be An Outstanding Learner?

“To learn something is always good, but to learn something skillfully so that you can master it is even better.”

Here I’m going to tell you about – How to learn Yoga and How to be efficient and good at it. Yes, you must have a good yoga instructor but it depends on you too. Your inner traits are equally important.

Yoga brings peace, balance and soothing effects in your life. It also requires a lot of effort, practice, and patience to learn it. One must learn yoga not only to teach it but also to be fit and healthy.

For becoming a Good, Efficient and Skillful Yoga learner, you need to follow some guidelines.

Be Curious

For being a good learner, curiosity is needed. If you are curious you are ready to accept the knowledge/instructions provided. With curiosity, you must:

  1. Have an open mind

  2. Have positive attitude

  3. Surrender yourself

  4. Keep the curiosity alive

  5. Bring the change in learning process

  6. Be a good listener

Curiosity is the key motivator for learning anything. For yoga, never depend upon one teacher, you may go to others also. Every teacher has something different to teach you. You can also try new classes when you are done with the present one.

Do surf the extra information about the techniques you learned at the yoga studio.

Respect the Teacher

Always remember unless you give respect to the one who is providing you with some knowledge, you can never learn anything.

This respect makes you humble to understand what others are saying and makes it easier for you to accept/ master the knowledge provided.

Surrender yourself to the instructor/trainer and follow the instructions wisely. You should always ask questions if you find something difficult.

Your question, if asked properly motivates the instructor to help you more.

Be on Time

Punctuality is necessary. A good student should never make his/her teacher wait. If you are late or if you miss the classes, you might miss something very important. It also shows how dedicated you are.


Yoga is not just about learning in the classroom/studio. You must do practice to master it. With practice, you would learn –

  1. To turn inward

  2. To look within

  3. To move from one asana to another

  4. Make your body flexible

  5. Improve your abilities

Be disciplined, not harsh with the Self

Whenever we learn something, we start expecting a lot from ourselves. When we fail to learn quickly or efficiently, we become harsh with ourselves. Remember this way you make the learning more difficult. Be compassionate and kind to the self. But remember discipline is mandatory. Never fail to try again.

Be Pleasant

If you are not pleasant, you are not doing yoga the right way. Yoga is to make you happy inside and outside by bringing a balance in your life. It is a practice, you must do. Be pleasant while learning also, it will multiply the effects of your practice.

The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone. Whenever you learn something new in yoga, teach it to someone (your friend/family member/colleague).

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