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How to be Healthy and Happy? Expert Advice and Tips…

Q- Do you want to be happy? A- Who does n’t!

Q- Are you happy? A- Umm…I don’t know….

Q- What’s stopping you? A- I really don’t know.

I’ll tell you, it’s your Health! The source of first and utmost happiness is a healthy body. Even the soul requires a healthy body to fulfill its purpose. Even if you feel healthy, you are not, if you can’t be happy in a positive situation.

What shall we do then???

To keep ourselves happy, we need to focus on,

  1. Our Body

  2. Our Mind

To keep the body healthy, we should work upon-

Eating Habits

Keep an eye on what you eat and what you drink. Eating healthy is not sufficient, the timing and the combination are equally important.

  1. Never compromise on the quality and purity

  2. Eat nutritious food

  3. Chew it properly

  4. Eat healthy and light food

  5. Try to know, what food item doesn’t suit you

  6. Eat and drink mindfully of the result

According to your health condition and requirements, you can also consult a dietician.

Time of Sleeping

Early to bed and early to rise….

At the same time, sound sleep is equally important. If you can’t sleep properly, it can be due to some problem in the digestive system, some sort of physical or mental stress. As a remedy, you can use

  1. Music (the soothing one),

  2. You can also practice yoga. It will work on overall body inner and outer.

  3. Try to relax your muscles

  4. Take a deep breath

  5. Try to control the thought process


Practice deep and long breathing. When you breathe properly, most of your problems are sorted out. For proper breathing, you can practice pranayama and kapalbhati. It takes hardly 5-15 minutes. You should watch your breath throughout the day.


How you sit, how you stand, how you sleep, every posture is important. The wrong posture may bring a lot of physical stress, which leads to the mental stress.

  1. Choose a comfortable chair

  2. Check your bed and pillow – it shouldn’t be troubling you

  3. Do the stretching in between – never sit in the same posture for long.

  4. Practice yoga – it will improve your postures and will strengthen your bones and muscles

To keep our mind healthy, we should work upon,

Thought Process

You know millions of ideas/thoughts cross your brain in a day. It’s up to you, which thought you allow lingering. For purifying the thoughts –

  1. Read a lot of good stuff

  2. Talk positive or to positive people

  3. Practice yoga – it brings peace of mind

  4. Energize yourself by motivating yourself

  5. Remain calm- even in difficult situation

In addition to that, we must be careful about what we do – “What you sow, so shall you reap”

  1. Do good to people around you.

  2. Help them, as much as you can.

  3. Fill them with positivity

  4. Motivate them

  5. Be self less

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