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Be Patient, Not A Patient! How to Get Healthy and Be Positive?

“You are a reservoir of positive energy, never let it dry.”

Life demands a lot from us. We all have responsibilities to deal with, A lot of relations to maintain, a lot of things to do.

All of it brings stress in abundance.

Do they???………….Really???

The reality is – we invite stress because we do not know how to be calm and patient. Generally, people can’t avoid stress when –

  1. They have a lot to do in limited time

  2. They don’t get, what they expect for

  3. They can’t wait for something

  4. They experience something unexpected

  5. They are physically unfit

  6. They can’t do, what they want to

  7. Their dear ones are in trouble

  8. They can’t solve some problem

  9. They fail in achieving something

Basically, people get stressed because of high expectations and lack of patience. It gradually leads to physical and mental ailments, inviting more stress.

To avoid such consequences, one must learn how to be calm and patient instead of making a patient of the self. It’s not easy, neither it is very difficult.

It’s all about practice.

Start noticing what makes you stressed, why/ when do you get angry, what is your limit of patience.

At the same time, Do notice what makes you happy; what helps you in keeping calm, what increases your patience.

In short, start self-analysis. It will help you know your own strengths and weaknesses and gradually you can work with them.

1. Love yourself

The major reason for stress is you do not know your worth. Start finding the merits in yourself. You are special –

  1. Forgive yourself

  2. Take care

  3. Improve

  4. Work on/ for yourself

  5. Praise yourself (do not exaggerate)

  6. Never lie to yourself

2. Meditate

To keep your mind calm and to be stress-free, do meditation. Practice it daily for at least 30 min. Meditation makes you aware of the inner and outer world. It reduces tension and relaxes the body.

3. Breathe peacefully/mindfully

Concentrate on how you breathe. Take long, deep breaths. You can practice it anywhere. It releases stress and makes you feel better. Whenever you find yourself stressed just take a few deep breaths and see the change.

4. Practice Yoga

Yoga keeps you fit and away from many diseases. When you are healthy, you feel stress-free. Yoga also relaxes your muscles by removing the physical stress. It makes you ready to face the challenges of life.

5. Practice patience

It’s always better to increase patience instead of being a depression patient. You can increase our patience by checking it on your own. Try to be relaxed

  1. While waiting in a queue (try to stand in the longest queue)

  2. While talking to someone (speak when it is required, just listen to them)

  3. If you don’t get response (don’t be angry, instead try again)

  4. While waiting for someone/something (instead of tapping your finger/foot sing something)

6. Find what makes you happy

Work on what interests you. Your hobby is always helpful in keeping you calm.

7. Speak up

Talk openly about what bothers you. Speak your heart out. It will surely blow away the stress. To be an extrovert is also helpful.

8. Be punctual

When you finish your tasks before time, you feel more relaxed, don’t you? Try to work under deadlines. Be on time, work on time. Set a routine, so that you don’t run late.

9. Try to decrease your expectations

When you expect and it doesn’t fulfill, you feel bad. It’s better not to expect because you can’t blame others for your expectations.

10. Love what you have got

This life is a gift. love it! live it! Enjoy it!

Remember your remote control should always be in your hands. No one else can give stress to you.

Be responsible for your own life, health, body, and mind!


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