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Ashmayu Graduate Sharini sharing her Teacher Training Experiences


No matter which profession you choose which city you live in or where you work, sometimes a little chance, a coincidence is enough to push you in a direction which transforms your life. That is Sharini’s story in one line. Sharini’s experience has been an overwhelming one and she might call it abstract but her story says a lot. Here is Ashmayu Graduate Sharini sharing her Teacher Training experiences with Ashmayu Yoga!

Ashmayu Yoga: Please let us know about you and what drove you to become a Certified Yoga Teacher?

Sharini: I am an engineer working in an IT company which serves different requirements 365 days 24/7. It’s been two years since I graduated and started my professional career. With the onset of my career, there have been a lot of changes in my life. In the beginning, it was a free flow but as the time flew I didn’t realize what I was costing my life with all the odd timings and stress that I had built in from the work.

There were days when I didn’t get to see my family and friends because of the odd timings. I would get annoyed with many things at home, with family & friends. I slowly started to isolate myself from everything that I loved, feeling incapable to do many things because I was insecure of how I felt inside and out.

With all the regular falling sick phase I wanted to change the way I approached things. I was not quite satisfied with my desk job and had to propel the energy out that was within me in some form.

I joined the gym to change my physical body and fortunately ended up in a power yoga class. For the first time, I felt more worked up physically than any other activity I had been doing in the gym. I started to understand my body and my mind became calmer and silent with every session. Out of curiosity I just asked the yoga instructor what she does on a daily basis and she said she was a yoga practitioner. After a week of research, I went back to the gym and found myself in Aparna madam’s class which was the best class I could have ever asked for. The very next thing I did was to ask Aparna ma’am and she suggested Ashmayu yoga. I didn’t hold myself back and reached out to Ashmayu.

Ashmayu Yoga: What made you choose Ashmayu Yoga Institute?

Sharini: The day I approached Ashmayu I was blank. I didn’t know if I wanted to invest my time in getting a certificate in yoga. Being an engineer it didn’t make sense. But anyway I happened to drop by to see what they are offering. I was there earlier than my appointment time as Naveen sir was busy in a community event that was happening at Ashmayu on that particular day and I was still unsure of my decision. But the time went by and in a few minutes the environment set in me; I felt really calm and had a silent thought that said: “this is a good thing to do”. On meeting Naveen sir I still didn’t have any questions to ask him we both sat there quietly. It was just an instinct that led me to Ashmayu on Aparna madam’s suggestion. I am happy I chose Ashmayu yoga.

Ashmayu Yoga: What are the things you loved the most about the course and your journey with us?

Sharini: Things I loved at Ashmayu –

  1. Environment. The right kind of environment with like-minded people is essential to reach the destination you often envision.

  2. Teachers – lovely and lively souls, with expertise in their respective subjects. Not just teachers but they are the mentors whom you may approach at any point in your journey.

  3. Course structure – a package of practice and theory. A bundle of discipline and principles we need to imbibe in our life. Both the theory and practice were taught on an equal scale which helped me to understand my practice better with theoretical relevance.

  4. People – the right set of people propelling the same energy. My mentors and batch mates became my greatest strength to start my journey.

Ashmayu Yoga: How was your overall all experience with Ashmayu Yoga Institute?

Sharini: My overall experience has been warm and lively.

Ashmayu has helped me change physically, mentally and spiritually. I can sense the difference in me and others can too. This has changed the way I approach things in my life. I continue to do my corporate job with a different outlook on life. I can balance my job, family and everything that I love. Ashmayu yoga is the foundation that has set things right for me.

The teachers at Ashmayu are very encouraging and they don’t let you remain on the learning side for long. They make you think like a teacher and what would we do if we had students from a different lifestyle.

With Ashmayu yoga I feel more confident to approach any aspect of life. Nothing is impossible, everything can be achieved, all you need is a little effort from our side is what I have understood.

Sireesha, Naveen and the whole team of Ashmayu have helped me transform myself in various ways. I just can’t pen down the feeling, it’s abstract for me!

Ashmayu Yoga: Would you recommend Ashmayu Yoga TTC to someone?

Sharini: Yes definitely! If you are someone who is looking in to make a difference in someone’s life or on your own, this is the best place to be. Yoga is to grow inwards and to transform you. Ashmayu has become my inspiration I hope it inspires many more lives with the holistic approach to health.

Sharini’s hope is our vision, to inspire and change countless lives for the better. As one institute we might have a limitation, but when we train the teachers, who in turn are capable to carry the torch, the goal is a lot more achievable.


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