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Ashmayu Graduate Neel Sharing his Yoga Experiences


Stress and anxiety are one of the most underrated lifestyle disorders in India. Currently, people do not pay enough attention to emotional and mental health as much as physical health which could result in problem getting worse with time.

Neel, an Ashmayu Yoga student from Mauritius, staying in Bangalore was facing the challenge of managing stress and anxiety and decided to take a step to make things better.

Here we share his story with the hope that readers will take the emotional health seriously and work on being healthy in a holistic way.

Ashmayu Yoga: Neel, Please let us know something about you and what drove you to start your yoga journey

At one point I started to experience tension and anxiety. Having witnessed close ones suffer from depression, I had this sadness over people who would become dependent on pharmaceutic drugs. Although it brought temporary relief to the patient; the rigidity in body and fear in mind, getting worse over time isn’t worth it.

In some cases, there is never an end to this business. Suffering would just aggravate with increasing physical pain and be blurring mental state.

There comes a point when the drugs would not work and it was hard for the person with a terrible mental condition to get out of this nightmare.

This was what stroked my interest in a spiritual path.

After reading several books from different spiritual masters, I started meditating on my own, while pursuing my degree in animation and working at the same time.

Although meditation was helpful, there was still some stiffness in my body and it took time for me to completely relax the body and loosen the rigidity of mind.

My housemate had started a yoga course around that time, and every time she would come back home after a class, I would sense a radiant presence and change in her behaviour.

I was quite appealed by that stillness I could sense.

As she was changing drastically fast, I started enquiring about what really yoga was about. My housemate shared her experience and explained the benefits of yoga, and how it could help improve my meditation, spiritual path and daily life activities.

Ashmayu Yoga: What made you choose Ashmayu Yoga Institute?

When I first visited the Ashmayu Yoga, I found it to be a marvellous place with inspiring teachers.

I appreciated my first talk with Mr. Naveen – he was friendly and compassionate, and exactly the kind of teacher I was hoping for, one who helped me feel at ease and familiar with learning in the new world of yoga.

Ashmayu Yoga: What are the things you loved about your course and being with us?

Neel: My first time on the mat, my mind was racing and trying to convince me that I was in the wrong place, that this was not for me.

My mind kept on finding reasons to make me abandon what I came for, but what helped me push through was my teacher’s guidance.

As we practised, he helped me realize who I really am, and how I am the master of the body, mind and breath.

Every teacher there has a special loving and caring attitude to approach you and share their energy with humility.

They don’t let you remain as a student for long; they bring you to the same level as they are, they make you feel you are not separated and you are a beautiful reflection of a teacher; of them, in some way.

I started to bend my mind after several practices and found a lot of emotional burden being released, as well as a sense of freedom and concentration which became more and more natural. My health improved, with a greater appetite and more stamina to tackle my daily work and chores.

Ashmayu Yoga: What was your overall experience with Ashmayu

Neel: My overall experience was an uplifting and enriching one.

It has vastly changed my life – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Ashmayu Yoga keeps reminding us that whichever destination we may choose, a good discipline is a key.

I realize now that the yogic way of life is something natural that should be incorporated in every person’s life for a better and healthier living.

Our teachers shared knowledge and guidance on the world’s tendency to put us in a procrastinating state, and how we can successfully overcome this.

They emphasized the importance of our diet, the understanding of the body and the benefits of asanas.

Gradually, my sleep quota decreased and my mind started to become quieter, with increasingly frequent positive thoughts.

I was gradually able to sit in meditation for longer periods of time and go deeper into stillness.

Ashmayu Yoga: Would you recommend Ashmayu Yoga Teacher Training Course to anyone?

Neel: I would recommend this course to everyone, even those who have never done yoga before, just like was the case for me.

Even though I joined late, the encouragement and inspiration from the teachers made the progress seem effortless, as I began falling in love with yoga.

Yoga definitely changes one’s way of life. And the teachers at Ashmayu Yoga are experienced, friendly and consistently supportive.

Ashmayu Yoga always brought me to the heart centre… the feeling of home.

So, this was a small sharing done by Neel on how Ashmayu Yoga Teacher Training Course changed his way of life and he was able to achieve better holistic health, not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. We at Ashmayu Yoga hope to continue changing lives and share much more such success and joyful stories with you.

If you are planning to start your Yoga Journey but don’t have the right guidance, please email us at We would be very happy to help you with your Yoga Journey.



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