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Ashmayu Graduate Jyoti sharing her experience with Ashmayu Yoga


The best thing about people who want to bring positive change in their life is they never think that it is too late. In reality, till you are alive, it is not too late to become healthier, change your lifestyle, improve your eating habits and get back to an active, energetic version of you. Let’s hear from one of our students of Ashmayu Yoga Teacher Training course about her story and journey to getting back to a healthier version of her. Here is Ashmayu Graduate Jyoti sharing her experience with Ashmayu Yoga

Ashmayu Yoga: Please let us know about you and what drove you to become a certified Yoga Teacher?

Jyoti: Hi, I’m Jyoti Budhiraja, from Ghaziabad(UP). I shifted to Bangalore in 2014 after marriage. I joined my husband’s business and everything was going well. Suddenly I realized that lifestyle changes and bad eating habits had lead to so many issues affecting my physical & emotional wellbeing. One of the issues was weight gain and I felt stressed out about it all the time. As expected, stress was causing even more health problems.

At that time, one of my relatives suggested me to join Yoga classes near my house. I was really inspired by my Yoga Teacher (Geeta Ma’am). Although it was my first attempt, it went really well under her guidance. This made me feel that I can also do Yoga. Through Yoga, I got my healthy and active life back on track.

That’s when I started spending time on internet researching excessively about yoga, different asanas and courses related to it. Through the internet, I came to know about Ashmayu yoga. Yoga really brings activeness and positive mindset in an individual. The desire to maintain the active lifestyle and positive outlook drove me to do this course.

Ashmayu Yoga: What made you choose Ashmayu Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Jyoti: One day I was randomly searching on the net about the yoga institutes, and I shortlist three institutes nearby which were offering the teacher training course. I visited each place one by one and inquired about the course. Ashmayu was the last place which I visited. I found the vibrations of this place very positive. I spoke to Naveen Sir about my interest in TTC. He explained everything about the course to me in detail. I did a trial class also. And I finalize to pursue my TTC with Ashmayu Yoga Institute.

Ashmayu Yoga: What are the things you loved the most about the course and your journey with us?

Jyoti: I loved everything related to my course. The classes were well organized. I found the teachers very motivating and helpful for us all the time. We got the chance to learn so many things from our experienced faculty members. Apart from course material teachers also used to share their real-life experiences with us which were really interesting to listen and motivating too.

The whole journey was amazing and guidance & support of the teachers made it superb. Now that I have completed the course, I really miss being in the classes at Ashmayu Yoga.

Ashmayu Yoga: How was your overall experience with Ashmayu Yoga Institute?

Jyoti: I really had a great time being a part of AYTTC. I witnessed the transformation of all my batch mates. Everyone worked really hard to achieve this. To become a Yoga Teacher, it requires a lot of time, energy and dedication from both teacher and teacher trainee. Our faculty members supported us at every step.

Thank you so much Ashmayu Yoga for making this journey memorable for me.

Ashmayu Yoga: Would you recommend Ashmayu Yoga Teacher Training to someone?

Jyoti: Yes! I’ll definitely recommend this course to everyone. This course covers almost 50 asanas in detail. We can learn the accurate alignment of every posture. During this course, one can learn in detail about Yoga and Pranayama Techniques. We got enough time to practice in the institute.

Even after the completion of the course, we are still connected with our teachers and this is the best part. We can still get our queries answered by the practitioners and teachers who we have come to trust and respect. So I suggest everyone to do Yoga and stay healthy. Thank You.

Teacher training courses bring the students and teachers closer, because it is a journey of transformation, sharing and evolving. We are proud of being part of the journey for so many students and excited about the journeys we will get to witness and be part of in coming years.



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