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9 Simple Ways to Alleviate Stress and Stay Blessed!


Stress in modern times has become endemic to our lives. This is why many of us are always tense, stressed out and anxious – be at home or at the office. Some of them complain that they do not have time to have their meal peacefully thanks to the workplace that places demand them, 24 x 7. Here are 9 simple ways to alleviate stress to lead a happy life –

Stay Stress less, Stay blessed, Stay Happy… Always

The first step to attain peace of mind is to stop worrying and stay relaxed. This may sound a bit difficult for those who are predisposed to over thinking. But believe me, if you decide to change your habits, no force on the earth can stop you from achieving your goals. It is not only essential but also inevitable that we learn techniques to control our mind and deflect our attention from irrational fears and doubts that we may have.

Rather than worry about every small thing in life, adopting an attitude of “I shall do my duty” will always help. Let things happen and take their own course. Believe that whatever happens will always happen for the good. Yogi Ramsuratkumar from the sacred Arunachala hills advises that one should introspect when a problem arises and learn from one’s mistakes. Only fools will keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Husbands often complain that their spouses do not understand them enough. Wives have grouse against their husbands for the silliest reasons. Don’t you think that these are by-products of stress?

How do we deal with this kind of stress?

How can we live in harmony with our environment?

Every individual should take care of his health and relax his mind. Focus on a balanced diet. Eat right. Eat at the right time. Sleep at scheduled hours. Take comfort breaks in between. Devote at least 10 minutes for prayers as they have immense powers. Nothing can be greater than faith! The body needs adequate sleep and if you are able to achieve this, your clogged thinking will vanish and you will experience immense relief.

Yoga, meditation, aerobics are all time-tested tools for having a fit body in a fit mind. Walking not only helps you burn calories but it also has a relaxing effect on your mind.

Here are 9 simple tips that you can follow to alleviate your stress and anxieties:

1. Never do the same task at a stretch.

Take frequent breaks in between to rejuvenate yourselves. Go for a brief walk, do a few household chores like stacking clothes or rearranging your shelves or listen to a radio garden!

2. Count your blessings.

Instead of concentrating only on your problems, look around and you will find that there are people who have a worse predicament than yours. Rather than staying cocooned in your office or your home, step out. Visit an orphanage or an old age or a Government Hospital and offer your services. Spend at least one hour a month with children who have mental deformities.

3. Walk away to glory in a garden.

Whenever you feel that your mind is agitated, take a quick dip in a hot shower, dress up and walk to the nearest garden. Many people believe in bathing in water that is hot and has salt added to it. Salt removes negative energy and makes you fresh. It is always advisable to keep a few camphor tablets near your doorstep. Lighting perfumed candles and incense sticks can have an elevating effect on your mood. Avoid intoxication and drinks like coffee, tea and beverages.

4. Speak out your mind.

Readers will recall how Kapil Dev once shed tears during a television interview. The legendary cricketer wasn’t ashamed about it. Rather he said, “Why can’t boys cry? Emotions are common to men and women. Some people are more emotional than others. That is the only difference. If you want to cry your heart out and release all the built stress and negative emotion, do that in the confines of your home or terrace.”

A church or a temple or a mosque or a gurudwara is a good place to pray, to shed tears, to release stress, to get healed and look at the brighter side of life. Talk to close friends about what is bugging you and soon you will realize the catharsis that envelops you. Stay away from naysayers and those who are pessimistic. Stay away from those who are morally corrupt and adopt devious tactics to earn money. Be truthful to ourselves as well as while you speak out so that no negative thought or guilt builds up stress in you.

5. Laughter is (always) the best medicine.

Nothing can beat a harmless, disarming smile. Use every opportunity to smile and laugh. Be cherubic. Meet your friends in person once in a while. Don’t get stuck to WhatsApp conversations as they cannot substitute for personal interactions. How pleasant a sight it is when you watch senior citizens talk animatedly in the garden. Spend quality time with family. We have amazing techniques like LAUGHTER YOGA provided by a lot of Yoga studios and in the corporate.

6. Scout for mentors within your inner circle!

Look out for that one close friend and a relative with whom you can share your darkest secrets. Share your sorrows, hurt, anxieties with them. They will offer you solutions that you never expected to exist. As Jesus Christ says, “Seek and you will get what you wish to have.” Doors that are knocked will always open and welcome you with open arms. Read books that speak about the virtues of positive thinking. Read “The Autobiography of a Yogi” and proceed on a spiritual voyage.

7. Do not be like the ox that keeps circling around an oil mill.

At least once a week do something that is different from your routine. Stay away from electronic appliances and technology at least for 2 hours every day. Stay connected to your soul. Switching off the “data” in your smartphone is the bitter medicine that you need to have every single day.

8. Visit places!

Visit holy places that are suffused with positive energies and healing powers. Go for that movie that you were planning to watch. Go for brunch once in a while. Invite your friends for lunch on a Sunday at noon. Go for a massage! Never lose an opportunity to stay excited and stay blessed. Your mind should be like an enthusiastic child wanting to do something new.

9. Celebrate smaller victories so that bigger ones will come searching for you!

Life is not only about problems and challenges. We also have good moments that we love to cherish – something that brought a new awakening in us! Think good thoughts. Banish bad ones! Be positive always. Patience is one of the virtues that will stand you in good stead. Do not fear anyone except your conscience because that is where God resides!

Look at the mirror and exclaim, “Is that me? How good looking I am!” Keep muttering to yourselves, “I will and I can”.  Believe in yourself every single day. Your mind has the magical power to deal with any difficulty however insurmountable it may appear to be! Never doubt the capability of your mind!

Smile in front of the mirror. Rehearse smiling again and again. It will make people love you more! Once you start becoming beautiful from within, your body and face will start reflecting that beauty!


The more you run away from problems the more they will chase you. So, always face problems with an intrepid mind and stay calm. Don’t get into the vicious cycle of worrying. Remember that God does not need your bribe – he only needs your devotion!

Believe that only good things will happen to you. Learn to say thank you to people who have made a difference to your lives. Thank God every single day.



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