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13 Amazing Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea That Will Blow Your Mind!

October 17, 2018



Diet & Nurtrition

Earl Gray Tea is already a famous tea in western countries. But in India, it is on its way to being famous. Gradually people are becoming aware of the health benefits of Earl Grey Tea and making this drink a part of their daily diet.

This tea is citrus in taste with the special aroma that it gets from the bergamot oil. Because of its health benefits, its popularity is increasing day by day.

It can prove to be a life-saving drink, once included in your routine.

1. Teeth Health

Earl Gray Tea contains a high level of antioxidants, hence,  has the capacity of fighting oral infection. Fluoride available in it also prevents tooth decaying and cavities. You can have a daily dose of fluoride in a natural way through earl gray.

2. Skin Health

Free radicals in our body are responsible for the aging of the skin, skin cancer etc. The antioxidants available in this tea, kill the free radicals and keep your skin glowing. It also keeps your body hydrated, unlike the other caffeinated drinks, because it contains a high quantity of potassium.

3. Improves digestion

Regular consumption of Earl Gray improves digestion. It also keeps the intestines away from worms and infection. This tea amazingly cures many problems related to the digestive system.

4. Helps with Stress, anxiety, and depression

The bergamot oils aroma works as a therapy for the one who drinks it. It has got the calming effect, which helps in getting out of depression, stress, and anxiety too. It is a stress buster. If you are into yoga and meditation, along with your routine, make sure you have a daily dose of Earl Grey tea.

5. Beverage for weight loss

It improves the metabolism which results in weight loss. According to a research in Italy, basically, the citrus extract in this tea is responsible for breaking the extra fat. consequently, It will be more beneficial if you add a lemon’s juice to it.

6. Energizes

It is an energy booster which helps you in being active. in addition, It won’t affect your night’s sleep.

7. Prevention of cancer

Most of all, The high quantity of antioxidants in this tea makes it capable of fighting the free radicals in your body and consequently decreases the chances of life-threatening diseases like cancer.

8. Cold relief

Earl Gray is full of anti-viral properties, therefore, it kills the viruses that cause cold. in addition, It is considered to be a natural remedy for cold.

9. Prevents heart disease

By controlling the level of bad cholesterol and by also, providing antioxidants to the body it is a good prevention from heart disease.

10. Throat Problem

A warm cup of Earl Gray Tea, as a result, it will ease up your throat.

11. Reduces blood sugar

Take it without adding extra refined sugar because it will create wonders for your sugar level.

12. Relieves cramps during PMS

It is a common problem for women, especially for the active ones. That’s why a cup of earl gray is highly recommended to women during PMS to get rid of cramps.

13. Increases Immunity

It has got a high quantity of antioxidants and antivirus. It clearly improves immunity.

finally, Though The Earl Gray Tea has many health-related remedies yet the overdose of it may cause some side effects. It will increase the quantity of caffeine in the body which is quite harmful to you. So better be careful about the quantity and no. of times you take this tea.

Enjoy your cup of happiness! Drink Healthy, Live Healthy!!!

In conclusion, Feel free to ask any questions related to the blog. Let us know if you would want to us to write about something on our blog. Based on the comments we will come up with our new blog.

Earl Grey Tea


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