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Ashmayu Integrated Yoga

Ashmayu Integrated Yoga is a comprehensive and holistic yoga practice that integrates physical, mental and spiritual elements with the main focus being on Holistic Health. It is a dynamic class and an amalgamation of various forms of Yoga like: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa. Power Yoga, Yoga with Props, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra.

AntiGravity Fitness

Challenge your limits and get into postures that seemed impossible! Start Flying! Open Up! Be Free! Live AntiGravity! When you open up space in your body, you open up space in your mind and are able to experience the pleasure and life in abundance.This is what AntiGravity Fitness is all about.

Hormone Yoga Therapy

It consists of a series of exercises specific to reactivate hormone production and consequently eliminate the symptoms of low hormones. It also acts preventing diseases caused by the low hormone level, such as osteoporosis and increased predisposition to cardiovascular problems.

Ashmayu Holistic Weight Loss Program

Ashmayu Holistic Weight Loss is a personalised weight loss program which is customised to your needs. It involves cold press juice therapy, detoxification, liver flush, holistic diet and nutrition counselling, special yoga techniques, kriyas, breathing techniques, guided imagery, and many more holistic techniques which helps you to get rid off excess weight, fat and makes you much more fit with your body and mind.

Ashmayu Yoga Therapy

Ashmayu Yoga Therapy is a personalised therapy which
involves counselling, yogic shatkarma, yoga postures, breathing exercises, sound meditation, yoga nidra, chanting, kriyas, mudra, bandha, marma therapy, holistic diet, guided imagery to improve physical and mental health.

Marma Therapy

Marma Science can be retrieved in the form of a Medical Science from our Vedas, Brahmanas, Upanishads, Puranas and Samhitas. Marmas are seats of Prana (life or vital force). The union of Pancha Bhautikas viz. Mamsa, Sira, Snayu, Asthi and Sandhi in varying proportions are defined as Marma points. Marma points are 107 in number.

Pregnancy Yoga

Ashmayu Pregnancy Yoga classes focus more on gentle stretches and flows with equal emphasis on deep relaxation and deep breathing with the help of props. Classes are modified based on your individual needs and to guide you through the different stages of your pregnancy. Pregnant Women can consult us for pre-natal yoga classes.

Kids Yoga

  Benefits of Kids Yoga Increase in flexibility Better concentration and focus Improved body posture Boost in confidence and immunity Develops a sense of calmness

Ashmayu Detox Program

Ashmayu Detox Program involves Yogic Shatkarma (Neti, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti Kapalbhati, Trataka), Liver Flush, Cold Press Juice Therapy. This program helps you in cleansing the body and makes it free from diseases. It removes toxins and improves concentration. It improves the flow of prana into the organs.

Sound Meditation Therapy

Ashmayu Yoga in collaboration with Manan Wellness provides Sound Therapies. Our bodies contain frequencies that ideally work in balance and harmony. When physically or emotionally stressed, the frequencies become discordant – the vibrations of the body are out of tune or become blocked. When this happens, the body slows its vibrations, which can affect cells and organs, and result in dis-ease or illness.

Diet and Nutrition

You are what you EAT! No matter what fitness routine you are following, If you are not eating what is supposed to be eaten as per the nature of your body then you will never see the results you desire for. It is mandatory to have a discipline in your diet to achieve a fit body and stable mind. Here at Ashmayu Yoga, We follow Diet Philosophy based on Ayurveda and Naturopathy and suggest you a diet according to the nature of your body.