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Ashmayu Yoga is our humble attempt to bring together various resources and teachings of Yoga under one umbrella and help our members delve into and explore the path of Yoga and celebrate the light that lies dormant in each one of us.

Established in 2015, Ashmayu Yoga is a first of its kind Yoga academy in Bengaluru that teaches all forms of Yoga, from classical Hatha to modern day popular styles of Yoga such as Anti Gravity & Power Yoga, provides international teaching certification to aspiring Yoga teachers, & also conducts workshops, classes & retreats on Pranayama, Meditation, Healing & Therapy.

Our vision is to spread the love and light of Yoga across the world and become a world-renowned Yoga Studio.


Our mission is to improve holistic health, inner healing and transformation within the world’s population with the help of Yoga and alternative healing therapies.

Our Yoga Journey – Our Path to Happiness, Health and Love

I have been practicing Yoga since childhood under the guidance of my Father who was my first Yoga Guru. As years went by, studies, examinations and opting for a promising career were of utmost importance and everything else took a backseat. I chose to master in marketing and finance and spent close to 2 years in the corporate world putting knowledge into action.

Though it all started with much excitement and zest, it soon began to take a toll on my physical and emotional health. Untimely sleeping and bad eating habits wrecked a havoc in my digestive system which in turn affected my mood and mental health, resulting in fatigue, anxiety and frustration. All this had begun to reflect in my personal relationships and professional life.

Known is a drop. Unknown is an ocean!

What Is Work-Life Balance?

I had heard much about maintaining a work-life balance but this does not necessarily mean dividing my day equally between work and leisure. I could be running or sitting with family and yet worry about my work-deadline. Or I could be sitting at office and complaining about the noise and pollution on the roads!

Health is Wealth

I remember my dad mentioning this to me several times. This motivated me to go back to yoga. I enrolled for power yoga classes and found it intense and challenging. Slowly it began to grow on me. It had begun to shape my body and mind. I started spending more hours practicing the Yoga flows with more emphasis on building core strength.

I had a lot of fun trying to find my balance in some challenging poses. I often surprised myself by achieving stillness in few poses I had once thought were impossible. I realized that what I have discovered is a small a drop in the ocean. The meaning and purpose of Yoga as a tool to achieve oneness by uniting mind, body, and breath was becoming clear with regular practice. It taught me that if my mind was not present in the moment, the action will bear no fruit. I believe that if one lives life with this awareness of oneness, he or she will enjoy optimal health. Life is a constant balancing act and yoga is a perfect tool to achieve this balance. Yoga soon became my passion and also gave me the vision to take yoga to everyone and encourage them to make it a part of their life.

Yoga Also Gave Me The Love Of My Life!

Around this time, when my passion for yoga was growing stronger, someone else was also going through a similar transformation and was developing a keen interest in yoga. Yoga helped us determine the course of our destiny and destiny got us together. We enrolled in the same teacher training course and after completing our TTC in yoga we also started teaching at the same yoga-shala.

We grew fond of each other, yes! But what remains the biggest attraction between us is our love and passion for yoga, the belief in its transformative power and the desire to continue with our practice, learning, and teaching. We shared the same vision and are grateful that we could get an opportunity to turn our dream into reality. Sireesha and I soon became life partners and went on to invest in our first studio – Ashmayu Yoga.

“Where there is love, there is light.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Celebrating The Light Within

Together, we completed many other certificates in yoga, meditation, and holistic healing. Sireesha is an ardent believer of therapeutic yoga and has taken great interest in learning marma therapy, aura reading, sound meditation, and hormone yoga therapy. I had really enjoyed my power yoga practice and went on to explore more core-building and creative yoga techniques. I was fascinated by the concept of aerial yoga and experienced its benefits with daily practice, thus went ahead and introduced the concept of AntiGravity for the first time in Bengaluru.

We realized that this ancient science of yoga is a very broad subject and one practice or one style cannot be given to the whole world in the same way. We wanted to start a studio with a vision of bringing all forms of yoga and wellness under one roof. With the right guidance, everyone can experience the power, love, and light of yoga and this is what we aim to achieve at our center.

“Mastery of yoga is really measured by how it influences our day-to-day living, how it enhances our relationships, how it promotes clarity and peace of mind.”

– T. K. V. Desikachar

Mastering Your Whole Self

Our classes and courses are designed to give you a holistic experience, that which works on physical and subtle bodies, based on the five Koshas –  Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vijnanamaya and Anandamaya. Our programs guide and help you release and remove impurities from every sheath and make you more and more powerful and aware of your body, breath, mind, and help you rediscover the knowledge, happiness, and love of the Yogi within you.

“Through practice comes Yoga, Through Yoga comes knowledge,

Through knowledge love, and Through love bliss.”

– Swami Vivekananda.

Running A Yoga Studio

If you want to start a career in yoga or want to start your own yoga studio, we are here to help. My wife and I decided to move from the corporate world, learn, unlearn and relearn old and new yoga techniques and are determined that this yoga journey of learning and giving continues. We have both worked as freelance yoga teachers, and as yoga teachers in yoga studios before starting our own venture. We understand how tough it is to teach, earn and at the same time staying committed to your daily practice. We have had our own share of ups and downs as freelancers and now as owners of a yoga studio. Our responsibilities have increased and our experience in marketing, management, and finances has come to our rescue. It has been 2 years since we started Ashmayu Yoga and we are pleased with what we have achieved.

Happiness multiplies when you share it!

So… if you have a dream, a vision… we want to help you achieve it! We have recently started another vertical wherein we provide end to end solutions based on a tested and successful formula to help you start your own yoga center. We sincerely hope that our journey inspires those who want to pursue their dreams of health, love and happiness.

Naveen Sharma
Founder, Ashmayu Yoga

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